What Falling Skies has taught me about Ebbing tides…

Falling Skies…  Perhaps one of the most well done shows in modern television history is set directly after an alien invasion takes place; aliens and humans fighting against each other to claim Earth as it’s home turf.  Noah Wyle and his posse were stellar in this show and his speeches left you feeling like you could conquer anything you wanted to, even a hoard of alien invaders.

I started this show 5 seasons ago with my wife.  I have always been a little bit of a science fiction liker.  I don’t say nerd or geek or lover because I never got into Star Wars or Star Trek.  And though I know this almost immediately qualifies me as Un-American, it won’t change the fact that it takes a lot for me to like that genre of show or movie.

Five seasons later, the war has finally been won.  Characters came and went.  Those you believed in showed their true colors and those who didn’t seem to stand a chance became the heroes, as typically does with life.  Five years and the battle is over.  Five years and so is my marriage.

You see…  I didn’t pay attention to the lessons Tom Mason had been teaching and rallying with.  I didn’t pay attention to the idea of perseverance in spite of hardship.  I didn’t pay attention to keeping your eyes on the prize as Paul points out in the epistles, or sacrificing ALL, sacrificing absolutely EVERYTHING for those you love, especially when you are also in love.  I didn’t pay attention to the promises I made even though in an alien invasion, Tom Mason followed through on every single promise he made, sometimes losing sight temporarily, but never giving up.  I gave up.  And I have a shattered life to show for it.  Tom Mason and his new world are building a new planet and my divorce is imminent.  They have reason to celebrate and I have reason to hang my head in shame.

“This is our home…  And we will fight for it as we see fit.”

This quote sums up what I should have done a long time ago… I should have fought for my wife and my home, because she made my home, my home.  I should have led a charge and not stopped until I was EXACTLY the man that I needed to be to lead like him.

And I think of the last scene where he literally went beyond all reason and carried Anne to the beach and into the water, crying out for the good but slightly vengeful aliens to help him save her.  And I left.  I got up off the couch in October of 2013, and I left my wife.  I didn’t pick her up and tell her that no matter what I will go to the ends of the Earth to protect her heart, her mind, her soul, and her body.  I didn’t do a damn thing to protect her.  And I lost the gift that God gave me because of my own selfishness.  Tom Mason would have punched me in the face and told me to “step up soldier,” or maybe that would have been the slightly less eloquent and more to the point words of Colonial Weaver.

God wanted me to be the man.  Tom Mason was a great example of what I should have been all along but wasn’t.  And now my life is suffering.  Is there hope?  Not for my marriage, but maybe for my happiness.  And I pray every day for hers and for those who lost sight.


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