Why the Apple Watch is the next big thing… And how BestBuy made it happen.

I firmly believe that the Apple Watch is poised to be seen as the third greatest invention since and including the Mac.  In my opinion it will be huge, which is by no means to the caliber of Jonathon Geller or some of the other nerds that hail from CNET or BGR or Gizmodo, but then at least I don’t have a Princess Leia crush!

The Mac changed the world.  Computers became personal and become more personal every decade or even year following.  The iPhone, like Marvel, expanded that universe and got more intimate.  Cell phones had not been what they were yet, there was something missing.  Something that kept them distant.  Something that needed to bridge the gap between technology and intimacy (not some weird techy scifi intimacy, just more personalized).  Insert and welcome, hail and sing to, iPhone.

iPhone was the first step in the Internet of Things (IoT) before it was even a thing.  For all the people like me or less tech savvy, IoT just refers to a connected world basically.  Where everything is wirelessly connected, like Minority Report as most tech geeks refer to at this point.  And everything connected can talk to one another digitally to be more informed and help out more.

I don’t particularly like the IoT.  I don’t want my whole life examined by my blender.  I don’t want Google to control everything.  I am a teacher and have consistently talked to my kids about being weary of what you type into your phones and why someone who uses Chrome, and Search, and Fiber, and Android, and Glass (oh wait, nobody uses glass ;)) and soon to be self-driving cars, and Nest, and the Moto devices, and robots, should reconsider some of those purchases.  Google has a hand in everything technology related, especially when it comes to the future.  Google’s purchases of the 8 largest robotics companies in the world a few years ago, coupled with their advances in Artificial intelligence and their desire to connect the entire world via SkyNet causes a little anxiety in someone who is cautious about technology.

Enter Apple.

The iPhone made the IoT possible.  Before that Blackberry had no intentions of consolidating everything into one device.  Nobody had any idea of how to do such a variety of things or applications.  Or if they did, they didn’t want to because it would lose them money elsewhere like Microsoft.  Apple didn’t care.  Apple just wanted to break down walls and knew that in the end they’d make money somehow.  That’s why I appreciate Apple so much, they care more about the experience and the person than they do the product and the services.  They know that if they create something people will love and enjoy using, their brilliant team can figure out a way for their company to monetize that.

But they stop there.  Unlike Google.  Tim Cook has consistently stated that they make products.  They don’t use the person as the product.  They make money off the products, not the data or the people.  Google and Facebook make money off of the person and the information.  Apple is not innocent, but they are far less guilty than Google.

The iPhone was the first and only of it’s kind to be able to bridge the gap between personal and professional.  The iPhone did everything technology that it needed to to ingrain itself into our daily lives.  Mail, texts, calls, music, GPS, internet browser, media player, camera, video recorder, everything you needed in your pocket.  And it was good at all of them.  Not just a single thing.  Then in Alexander the Great type fashion, it expanded and conquered.  Especially when apps were introduced.

So how can I dare put the Apple Watch into such a category as this?  Let me first start by saying I don’t think the iPad is the product that these are.  Though I love my iPad, it’s more of a niche product to me and does not need to be replaced as frequently as a phone or updated.

I bought the Apple Watch a few weeks ago when Best Buy started doing their $100 off promotion.  I didn’t want it at the current price, but I could see paying for it at the new price.  I bought the black sport 42mm.  And even though it doesn’t seem like it could be as breakthrough as some other products I believe it is.

First.  It’s really nice.  It looks great.  It’s very customizable.  It IS intuitive for the most part, despite what Jeb Bush wants to say.  The screen is sharp and crip and colorful.  It’s personal without being invasive.  The digital crown is great.  It just works as the late Mr. Jobs would say.  It measures everything accurately.  It gives notifications when it feels appropriate.  And it tells me what is going on in the world.

At work, I used to pick up my phone all the time for different reasons, specifically to check to see if I got a text or a few.  The Apple Watch is slowly diminishing my dependance on my iPhone because it allows me to glance at the things I need and dismiss what I don’t until later.  I don’t even keep my iPhone in my pocket all the time anymore.  Which is almost unheard of.  It’s like a heroin addict who is introduced to methadone, except this time the methadone is not addicting.

The decreased dependance and personalization however are what I feel is going to propel the Apple Watch into the future.  In addition to those things, the data shows the same as Best Buy is sold out of nearly all of the ones they had in stock and the Apple Watch 2 will be released in a few short months.  It’s presence is about to explode.  On Christmas day I’d love to see the statistics for how many people are now using them.  Both men and women as both the 42mm and the 38mm were sold out in masculine and feminine colors.

I didn’t want a fitbit.  I didn’t want a Garmin.  I didn’t need a product that was JUST a fitness tracker.  I didn’t really NEED anything at all actually.  But I wanted a fitness tracker.  I just also wanted it to be connected to a really nice timepiece.  It does those well, in addition to, the weather, the news, twitter, Instagram, heart rate, activity, texting, calling, etc., etc. It has it all and does it all well, like the iPhone.  I didn’t need all those things, but if it was a fitness tracker that had a really nice watch that could also be customized, then I would be willing to try it.

And I love watches.  I’d have a wine cellar full of them if I could afford it.  The great thing about the Apple Watch however is that I don’t have to keep switching my watches to match my mood or my outfit.  I can just change the face.  If I want a timelapse of New York or Paris, Viola, and tres bien.  If I want a chronograph that looks like a Citizen, I hard press and I change it.  If I want my Twitter feed or CNN, hard press and done.  I have a stop watch and an alarm that does a really good job of calmly waking me up.  I have notifications that are not in my face and not blaringly loud.  I have my heart rate for exercise and a little personal trainer that tells me I should stand a little more or exercise a little more.  Calm and quiet suggestions that don’t interrupt my life, just pleasantly remind me that there are things going on that I should be aware of.

Battery life was scary for me.  I didn’t know what to expect.  My expectations were exceeded.  I take it off during my morning commute of a half hour, I place it on the seat next to me, and it charges to 100%.  I wear it all day and night, and then the next day I rinse and repeat.  The only drain is on my iPhone, but I have always carried around a battery case because I use it so much.

Fortunately for all the people about to wake up on Christmas morning, they are going to be very very happy to find a new Watch under their tree.  Unfortunately for all those companies and people invested in wearable technology that is not the Apple Watch, I believe on Christmas morning, they are about to realize that Apple somehow did it again and calmly and quietly and securely and without changing their fundamental beliefs, just took over another market.  And this market, wearable technology, health and fitness monitoring, IoT, this market is the future.  This market is what the cellphone market was like when the iPhone was introduced.  The IoT is coming, and I believe Apple just dominated.


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