Repurposed love…

If I could see the pain I caused you, I’d pray to lose my sight.

And all the colors that torment me, I’d ask to be dark as night. 

And if I could hear the ways I hurt you, I’d pray my ears be sealed.

Two empty tombs of silence, and no music left to feel.

If I could feel the horrors I’ve caused you, I’d plead to touch no more.

My hands and heart as cold as ice, a wintered Greenland shore. 

Without you my life has darkened, as shadowy figures creep in.

The lowly light dispersed by them, in light of all my sin.

But as I pray for God to bless you, He begins to renew what has died.

And He opens the doors on to the hidden places, where my sin has tried to hide. 

For everything that once was lost, in Him can then be found.

And every seed that He has planted, sprouts forth with life from the ground. 

And every heart that once was broken, His healing hands renew.

And every ounce of hope I had, He’s repurposed as love for you. 


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