Who I wanted to be…

I cheated on you, Mary. 

There was a woman on the bus, and I had a plastic daisy in my hair, I’d been playing with Rosie. 

And this girl just smiled at me. That’s all it was, it was a smile. 

We texted, constantly. You want to know when? Every time you left the room – that’s when. 

When you were feeding our daughter. When you were stopping her from crying – that’s when. 

And that’s all it was. Just texting. But I wanted more. 

And do you know something? I still do. 

I’m not the man you thought I was, I’m not that guy. I never could be. But that’s the point. That’s the whole point. 

Who you thought I was… is the man I want to be. 

~ Dr Watson


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